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  1. This video is fake and made for promotional purpose. I made this video to attract people around the world towards Indian Football that we are growing in world football. Funny? Let me tell you, How?
    Check these latest results from Indian Football in 2023 –
    U-17 India Vs Real Madrid = 3 – 3
    U-17 India Vs Atletico madrid = 2 – 1
    U-17 India VS A. Madrid = 4 – 1
    U-16 India Vs Bahrain = 5 – 0

    I mean Indian U – 17 team is really good. Even 4 years ago, India beats Argentina with the scoreline of 2 – 1. I expect them to take us on peak in world football. If we get a good infrastructure so we never lose your hope. Just give us 10 or 15 years. We will definitely improve a lot.
    Thank You!! 😄

    🔥🔥After this video :
    India won –
    ✅Hero Tri Nations Cup
    ✅Hero Intercontinental Cup
    ✅SAFF Championship

    Sorry for this fake video!
    Forgive me!!

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