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  1. Your coming out in shotgun tight bench and then audibling into PA Bubble in Shotgun Normal HB WK which is a custom audible..been running this since the first day just without coming out in shotgun tight

  2. I even on a video that nextgenmadden posted defended one of ur blitzes they took becuz u found it out first and he posted it a week later. so im sorry for any trouble i have caused and hope we can be cool and i can get my account back. (part 2)

  3. yeah very similar to the 1 from Indy's pb on 2012. this one is the SG Normal HB WK "PA Bubble". guy ran this on me about 2 week ago. He said he blocked rb to cancel playaction and let wr take 1 step in and hike. Nice free tip Bill.

  4. Well Jacob the reason you cant log in is because a member forwarded me an e-book that you had for sale on rocket catch and 75% of what was in it was my stuff? I gave you a free acct cuz you provided me with a glitch last year, But I never suspected you would copy it and try selling on your own, also King Stiffy just tried posting what he thinks this glitch is on the same site, he's wrong about what it is but never the less he posted it.

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