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  1. Can someone please remind me why we sold Werner, when Lukaku had already gone back to Inter? Am I right in thinking that during his brief spell with Chelsea, he scored 23 goals, including the goal that put us up 3-0 in the Bernabeu that would have put us through if Marcos Alonso hadn't gone to sleep AGAIN and let Real Madrid get the late goal that took the tie to extra time? How many players have scored 23 goals for Chelsea since Costa was fired?

  2. Am I alone in thinking that Wesley Fofana is a crap defender? Misplaced (intercepted) pass to gift Man City their winner. Misplaced pass (intercepted) to gift Man U their fourth. Totally unneccessary penalty to give Man U their third. Beaten by Casemiro – CASEMIRO FFS – to nod in Man U's first goal, and in recent games, a whole series of hopeful opposition chips to the far post where he is beaten to the ball and they score. Maybe he should play as the defensive Midfielder, but he is a crap, and grossly over-rated Central Defender.

  3. Mauricio Pochettino should gather all the players on day one, ask do you see yourself as part of this club? We start with you kepa in my office in 30 min and down the list we go…

    Is the answer no, then pack your bag and go home

  4. It is nonsense to keep saying that no player is bigger than the club. Mount has been fundamental in our recent success and it irks me that we pay Lukaku and Koulibaly lots of cash while their combined performance is sh## compared to Mount. All he is asking is to be paid what he is worth and we want to turn on this kid for knowing his worth? We are so obsessed with what other clubs have that we are too quick to dismiss our own. Mount is not a new signing like Mudryk or Noni, we are not paying for potential, he's a proven baller. We know what he brings to this team.

  5. Its a good thing he doesn't wanna come back because we do not want him back!!! Hes a bum!! And just cause hes scored a few goals lately doesnt mean hes found form LOL hes been poor all season dont forget a few games of scoring a few goals doesnt make up for an entire season of sucking!! And not scoring goals, ppl have auch short memories its crazy. Same thing happened at Chelsea and United he scored a few goals early on in the campaign and then struggled the rest of it, similar to morata for us that season. Please lets try to soak as much out of inter as qe can for lukaku we dont want him!!!! I repeat we DO NOT want him!!!!

  6. • Lukaku? If he doesn't want to return then maybe Tammy Abraham and Gonçalo Ramos? NOT OSIMHEN!
    • Mount: if Kovacic leaves then we HAVE to KEEP MOUNT.
    • Would rather lose Gallagher to maybe Newcastle than losing Mount

  7. We are letting Mount go, because we are now a cross between Newcastle and Brighton.
    Like Newcastle because the aim is to finish 17th (ie stay in the Premier League with the worst team possible).
    Like Brighton because we want to buy young players cheap and sell them for a profit.
    Selling mount is crazy. The only player higher in the must keep category is Reece James.

  8. Your premise about us looking like "mugs" all depends on whether this dude performs or not if he leaves. Every manager loves his running. We'd be foolish to ignore the work rate. Other than that, he is an ordinary player. Those 10 goals and 10 assists were all when the managers were playing him in attacking midfield and not central mid! When Lampard was the permanent manager, he played him in the #10 and Tuchel played him on the left of the front 3. Take a look at his conversion rate and efficiency then let's discuss these stats again. His set pieces are even worse. I'm far more impressed by Gallagher than I am by Mount and Gallagher hasn't been any manager's pet other than Viera's. Gallagher at CRYSTAL PALACE was a far more influential player than Mount has ever been. This is just my opinion though.

  9. The thought of paying 150 million euros for a Serie A striker scares me. I know Osimhen is a good player but that fee is too high. I wish Toney wasn't banned because he would've been my number 1 target for this team.

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